100% discusses their difficult debut process!

It’s not hard to figure out the ultimate goal of seven-member rookie boy group 100%. Just like their name, the boys hope to make sure to perform to their best potential.

In an interview with E-Daily, the boys expressed, “It’s easy to become lazy a few years after your debut, but because of our name, we can’t help but always work for perfection. Although it might seem like pressure now, we think that the name will benefit us in the long run.”

The boys touched on the hardships surrounding their debut, especially since the industry is currently over-saturated with other idol groups. To prove that their debut is a worthy investment to T.O.P. Media, the boys had to show their own unique color.

“It was hard for a while, and we were really stressed out. We tried so many different things, like being tested with Wonder Girls‘ ‘Tell Me‘ and attempting retro. We monitored each other, and it was just so embarrassing to watch.”

For 27-year-old Minwoo, the oldest of the group, and 22-year-old Rokhyun, the training was as long as it was hard. Minwoo first debuted as an actor on ‘Banolim 3‘ before his company suggested that he switch paths. After much deliberation, he agreed with the decision and started his three and a half years of training.

Rokhyun actually debuted as part of a duo named Jumper in 2009 before disbanding six months later and becoming a trainee once again.

The two stated, “It was hard to see a future in front of us, but we were desperate to grab whatever opportunity came our way.”

The final reason that led to their company confirming the group’s debut was that the boys were able to live up to the company’s request to “show what set them apart.” This was all demonstrated through the release of their instrumental live video of their title track, which impressed many fans online.

On what sets them apart, they concluded, “We’re dynamic men. We’re full of energy, like ‘energetic idols’. We hope to become a group friendly with the public, but also one that strives for 100% perfection on stage.

Source + Photos: E-Daily via Nate

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