Big Bang transformed into kids?

T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon, Seungri, and Daesung.

South Korea’s best performers, Big Bang, has just been reported that the members transformed into kids.

Earlier, posted on an online community entitled, “Big Bang members transformed into kids?” with the photo above. It has been spread rapidly to other Big Bang fan sites.

The person on the left was the little T.O.P, who has the blue hair, the person on the nearer left was the little Taeyang, who has his upstanding hair, the person on the center was the little G-Dragon, who has his “seaweed” hair, the person to the nearer right was the little Seungri and to the right was the little Daesung.

After Big Bang fans saw the cute photos, they commented, “The little BB was so cute.“, “Wahhh, I love Big Bang!“, “Oh My!, The’re so cute.“, “I want to pinch their cheeks.” and many more.

Aren’t they cute?

By officialbryan13334

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