f(x)’s Krystal and Luna bumped to each other; Sulli forgotten steps on their 2012 Mnet’s ’20’s Choice Awards’ performance!

SM Entertainment‘s unique girl group, f(x) members Krystal and Luna made a mistake on their 2012 Mnet‘s ‘20’s Choice Awards‘ performance.

Yesterday, June 29th, f(x) performed their comeback song, “Electric Shock” with DJ Koo who remixed the near end song on 2012 Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards. Before the near end remix, Krystal and Luna bumped to each other while their fellow member Sulli is singing her part.

Luna and Krystal should have change position (vice versa) but it’s Luna, who had mistake, she step backward that must be forward. Nevertheless, both members ignored the mistake and they continue performing.

Meanwhile, f(x)’s maknae, Sulli also have done mistake.

On the near end song, which on the remixed part, Sulli made a little mistake. Sulli, and her fellow member, Amber and Luna must dance at the back but notably, Sulli forgotten the steps. She was only watching her fellow members and dance with them lately.

However, f(x) members made mistakes but they continue to perform on the event to make the fans happy.

In related news, f(x)’s Sulli nominated on the ‘Upcoming 20’s‘ category; Yeo Jin Goo won the category.

If you haven’t watch their performance, watch it below: [Krystal and Luna’s mistake (around 3:23), Sulli’s mistake (around 3:45)]

Video: rebornzebra [YouTube]

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