2NE1’s concern is male idol group members?

On the April 27th, 2NE1‘s main vocalist and maknae, Bom and Minzy attended a promotion event for Nikon, the camera brand what 2NE1 endorsed.

Bom caught alot of attention as she was seen wearing a blue sexy jacket with short shorts and sexy see through stockings with patterns.Showing a comfortable side yet stylish with skinny denim fashion, Bom showed a fun yet sexy side yet again.

What also caught attention was Bom‘s youthfull style as Bom’s brown locks we’re tied up with the ends slightly curled in contrast. Minzy showed a shorter hairstyle with two different colors in her hair.

The two people of the event that defenitly caught everyones attention with their unique hairstyle. What caught the most attention out of all, was the little question and answer session between Bom and the interviewer as she gave a secretive answer leaving many wondering which “idol-male groups” the member was talking about.

► “What do you talk about when all four of you are together?”
Bom: “I’m not sure if I should say this, but we talk a lot about male idols.

► “Is there an idol you personally like?
Bom: “It’s a secret.

Bom didn’t forget to take pictures with fans and having a little talk with them along with maknae Minzy showing their humble side once again.

► “What are your future plans?
Bom : “We’re actually practicing hard and are preparing for a new upcoming album with a fresh new look. I’m going to try and meet the high expectations of fans, please anticipate it.”

With outstanding singing ability and stage presence both domestically and internationally, fans are patiently waiting for 2NE1‘s upcoming stuff which will definitly be ”something” since all their previous singles, comebacks and albums have been hits.

Source + Photo: Ystar via WeLoveBom, Newsis
Translated by: Yasmine@WeLoveBom

By officialbryan13334

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