Dara to reveal a secret on May 7th!

2NE1‘s cute vocalist, Dara once again posted on her me2day.

On April 20th, Dara posted on her me2day with the photo above:

Wassup?!? Everybody, I~!!! And my soft skin!!! Proudly participated in the Cool Skin World Championships!!! A proud national representative of the Republic Of Korea! I stepped out and competed Ke ke I did hurdles and even table tennis doubles~ I participated in these two sports events! But… What would be the results?!? Would my skills in sports be revealed to the public Ha ha Please cheer for me, right! +.+. To be revealed to the public on May 7th!!!! I ran really hard!!! Ke ke Please look forward to it a lot!!! ^.^.

After the fans saw the post, they commented, “I’ll be waiting.“, “Wow!“, “Run Dara. Run!” and “Dara, you are so skinny now.

Do you want to reveal it now?

Source: Dara’s me2day
Thanks to oh-dara for the translations

By officialbryan13334

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