Top 30 most ideal female KPop stars revealed!

On April 16th, the top 30 of the most ideal female KPop stars revealed.

The most ideal female KPop star is the one and only, IU. It’s obvious that it’s because of her beautiful and smooth face, especially her unique voice. She is the only solo performer who listed in. IU is currently preparing for her comeback on May.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon took the 2nd place while 2NE1‘s Bom and Dara as 19 and 24.

Without further ado, check out the list of the top 30 most ideal female KPop stars below:

1. IU
2. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)
3. Suzy (miss A)
4. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)
5. Hara (Kara)
6. Sulli (f(x))
7. HyunA (4Minute)
8. Victoria (f(x))
9. Ji Yeon (T-ara)
10. Min Kyung (Davichi)
11. Krystal (f(x))
12. Jessica (Girls’ Generation)
13. Hyosung (Secret)
14. UIE (After School)
15. Seung Yeon (Kara)
16. EunJung (T-ara)
17. Seo Hyun (Girls’ Generation)
18. Yuri (Girls’ Generation)
19. Park Bom (2NE1)
20. Lizzy (After School)
21. J00 Yeon (After School)
22. Woo Ri (Rainbow)
23. Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)
24. Sandara Park (2NE1)
25. Ji Young (Kara)
26. Minah (Girl’s Day)
27. So Yeon (T-ara)
28. Yura (Girl’s Day)
29. Sunhwa (Secret)
30. Min (miss A)

Source: 讨厌的就是嫩@baidu via WeLoveBom

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