Wstarnews’ interview on NU’EST revealed!

Earlier, NU’EST, well-known as Pledis Boys, had an interview on Wstarnews.

NU’EST is the acronym for New Established Style and Tempo. The group consists of 5 members, JR, Aron, Minhyun, Baekho and Ren.

Wstarnews is a news team from South Korea.

Without further ado, see their interview with Wstarnews below:

1. Son Dambi and After School, what level is their affection for you?
Baekho: “Son Dambi sunbae bought snacks for us right after filming for a program and photoshoots at the spot. Orange Caramel sunbaes gave us tips. Though they are busy now and we don’t meet that often anymore, I’m still grateful to them.”

2. Other than the seniors from the company, who are the other singers do you like?
JR: “The members all like TVXQ and BIGBANG. I personally like Eminem. At first nobody accepted him, but he worked hard, and his efforts paid off as both white and black people now accepted him, being the best singer out there. I want to be like him, working very hard to have my efforts pay off when everyone recognise us as the best musicians out there.”
Ren: “I like Michael Jackson, Beyonce. I want to be as perfect as them.”
Aron: “Our vocal teacher once said that my vocals sounds like Lee Juk senior, and ever since then, I started listening to his songs.”
Baekho: “Ah… I like TVXQ seniors’ competence and powerful stages. I hope to be able to present that powerful side of me on stage.”
Minhyun: “BIGBANG seniors with their enjoyable performances and communication with fans. I wish to be someone who people enjoy seeing me on stage. Now, I’m endlessly doing and working my best.”

Q: As of now, what is the happiest thing that had happened to you?
Baekho: “Debut?
Aron: “No matter what I say, it’s still the moment we debuted the happiest. (Haha)
Ren: “(Expressionless) I’m always happy. Eh? I don’t look happy? No… I’m always happy…
JR: “When I’m on stage dancing.
Minhyun: “When the filming for the mv comes to an end. It represents that we had worked our best.
Baekho: “Our boss had prepared very well, he even came down to watch us practice. Like a real father.

Q: Other than Aron, the rest are all born in 1995, are there any pros and cons to this?
Baekho: “The first pro is that it is very convenient. At first it felt like all of us are friends. Now that we had been together for awhile, it felt like we are even closer than family members. We can talk comfortably. Ah… Seems like there isn’t any cons?
Aron: “Though I’m the oldest one, I still communicate with the young ones like friends. Because I grew up in the States, we don’t have older and younger brothers treatment. Nine months ago when I just came to Korea, I told them to treat me like a friend. The kids are all very obedient, hence there is no tiring work on controlling them.

Source: Wstarnews via NECN

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