Seungri revealed a short dance tutorial of “Bad Boy”

Seungri updated his me2day with a video dance tutorial.

On March 20, Seungri posted on his me2day, “Seungri Academy Dance Lesson #2! Today is Bad Boy’s SeungooriDangDang dance~ Its easy to learn this way, right? Tonight, please come watch at 6PM, Naver YG ON AIR’s full performance of “Bad Boy”!

On that video, Seungri is teaching us on how to dance Taeyang‘s part, “Ma la la la la lady, ma la la la la lady…” Seungri called the dance, “SeungooriDangDang dance“.

Seungri is teaching us the steps with one of “Kwon Twins” and a label mate from Hi-Tech, Hi-Tech‘s Kwon Young Deuk(Right) and Kim Byung Gon(Left).

Make sure to catch BIGBANG on Naver YG ON AIR’s full episode tonight at 6PM.

If you haven’t see the dance tutorial video, check it out below:

Source + Video + Photos: Seungri’s me2day

By officialbryan13334

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