“High Kick 3 : Revenge of the Short Legged” Episodes 110[RECAP]

If that screencap doesn’t get your curiosity firing, I don’t know what will. Ha. What could possibly explain it? Has High Kick lost its mind? Or maybe that’s just Seung-yoon.

Heads-up: The show will be getting three extra episodes, but it’s not a noteworthy addition; this is standard procedure for dailies to fill out the finale week. (High Kick 3 was pre-empted enough times to have gotten off-schedule.) This means that Episode 123 will be the last one, airing in two Thursdays; the show will air a special in the final Friday time slot.

For some cash, Jong-seok picks up a gig as a drama extra, shooting a scene where he’s part of a businessman’s entourage. The shoot is crashed by a very loud pint-sized bundle of trouble named Hae-ri (Jin Ji-hee, another High Kick cameo), who’s the director’s daughter. She demands the star’s autograph and refuses to budge, and not even the grown men can keep her in line.

Jong-seok has no trouble being firm and tells her to calm down and stop interrupting their work. Hae-ri looks up at him and gapes, in awe, at his Yeom-like aura of prettiness. She’s smitten and finds him after the shoot to offer him a cookie (a cookie! How cute is that?). Jong-seok raps her forehead like she’s an annoying kid sister and she runs after his van calling him a butthole (her favorite word for everyone), then declares that he’s just her type. What, disapproving older men? I foresee a turbulent adolescence in her future.

Ha-sun and Ji-seok come home from playing basketball, and he invites her over for a beef dinner. This reminds them of the forehead-flicking game they played the last time, which makes her remember how frustrating it was losing to Kye-sang over and over again. He overhears and teasingly offers up his forehead to make it even, in his irritating jokey way.

So when Kye-sang wins the game again, and flicks her super-hard again, Ha-sun feels the indignity sorely. Ji-seok tells her not to let Kye-sang get to her, but she says he just has a way of pissing her off.

The next day, Ji-seok and Ha-sun run into the clinic employees at the gym, and he proposes a game, betting on the dinner bill. He tells Ha-sun this can be their revenge — beat Kye-sang and make him pay for their dinner.

Ha-sun gets into the game, but Kye-sang remains infuriatingly cheery, and his smiling face taunts her. When he outmaneuvers her, he laughs in her face and enjoys how much this upsets her. So finally, she can’t take it anymore and charges Kye-sang… and yanks down his sweats.

He’s so shocked that Kye-sang immediately turns serious and walks away silently. Ha-sun’s sense return to belatedly, and she’s mortified. Worse yet is how he turns this into another way to tease her — by grabbing at his belt every time he sees her, pretending to be afraid she’ll go for another try.

Hae-ri follows Seung-yoon home from the drama shoot, determined to find Jong-seok. Her loud bratty ways clash with the family (she’s cute and harmless, but totally rude) but they generally ignore her. She interrupts tutoring to demand that Jong-seok take her to an amusement park. He ignores her and locks her out.

Jong-seok uses his extra wages to buy Ji-won a necklace, which he gives the her as a thank-you for the tutoring, assuring her that it has no meaning.

Undaunted by failure, Hae-ri returns the next day to issue her demands, and Jong-seok relents, telling her they’ll go after tutoring. Ji-won returns the necklace because she finds it too big a burden, and adds that she thinks they’d better stop tutoring. Jong-seok isn’t happy, but he agrees, with the concession that they have one last session.

As promised, Jong-seok takes Hae-ri out afterward, and she clocks his interest in Ji-won and wonders why he didn’t insist on his way. That’s what she would’ve done — if she like something, she goes after it until it’s hers. Jong-seok answers that if you like somebody, their feelings become more important than your own.

Hae-ri doesn’t understand, but perhaps it sinks in eventually, because when we cut to one year later, we find her a little more grown up, a little quieter, and a lot more polite — adopting Ji-won’s mannerisms, perhaps?

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