Shinsadong Tiger’s girl group EXID reveals teaser poster, ‘Whoz That Girl?’

The ‘Midas Hand of K-Pop’, Shinsadong Tiger, is readying to debut his very first girl group, EXID! On February 3rd, the producer unveiled a teaser poster and had it plastered all over central Seoul.

Though the poster lacks details like member names and faces, their silhouettes hint at a sexy and confident girl group. Their mysterious charm is further elevated by the tagline, ‘Whoz that girl?

EXID’s agency, AB Entertainment, stated, “The reason why we decided to go with this guerrilla-style poster was because EXID wanted to reach out to the general public first. The feedback and amount of interest in them surprised us. EXID are doing their best to prepare for their debut, so please look out for them and show lots of support.”

EXID are planning to release their digital single ‘HOLLA‘ on February 16th. They will be promoting its title song, “Whoz That Girl“.

Source: TV Daily via Nate
Translated by: allkpop

By officialbryan13334

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