“Right now, we’re in Japan..!” – Dara [ME2DAY]

우린 지금 일본..! 오늘은 요코하마 아레나에서 온타마 카니발을 합니다! 꽤 많은곡을 부르는데요 오늘 공연도 즐겁게 무사히 마치길 바라며 모두 좋은하루되세용~!!!

Tags: 오늘의 신청곡 흔들려..자꾸 흔들려 0.0

Right now, we’re in Japan..! It’s the Ontama Carnival today at Yokohama Arena! We would be singing quite a number of songs for today’s performances; I hope that the performances would finish safely and that everyone would have a fun time; Have a good day everybody~!!!

Tags: Today’s song request is shaking.. keep shaking 0.0

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara

By officialbryan13334

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