Comedian Choi Hyo Jong apologizes for joking, “I am the Yoo Jae Suk of Cable Programs”

Hwang Jung Min and Uhm Jung Hwa recently starred on the episode of KBS’s ‘Happy Together 3’ that aired on January 19th, to promote their new movie ‘Dancing Queen’.

During this episode, comedian Choi Hyo Jong stated “During the broadcast last week, I said I was theYoo Jae Suk of cable programs. All the fans that I’ve gained left me for that remark.

The week prior, on the episode that aired on the 12th, Choi Hyo Jung had joked, “I was recently cast as the MC of a new cable program. I’m the Yoo Jae Suk over there, and control everything.” Netizens believed he was becoming to cocky and he received much backlash for his joke.

Choi Hyo Jung later apologized via Twitter. He tweeted, “People have been telling me that fame has changed me… Although it was a concept for that show, I apologize if it seemed that way to anyone.

Netizens commented “Comedian jokes for a living. DON’T PEOPLE GET IT??”, “He’s a comedian for God’s sake..and i believe he said that because he look up to Yoo Jae Suk as one great mc. netizens always gets too sensitive.” and “He’s a comedian, pretty sure it’s his job to make jokes.”

Source + Photo: TV Daily
Translated by: jeska122@allkpop

By officialbryan13334

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