Netizens discover poorly photoshopped photo of Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon

Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon‘s head was previously cut off from their full-length album “Oh“, and this time it looks like one of her legs is participating in a disappearing act as well.

The above photo surfaced on an online community site with the caption, “Hyoyeon’s leg seems to have disappeared. Why is it that these things only happen to Hyoyeon?”

The revealed photo was taken when the girls were serving as endorsement models for a gaming corporation, and Hyoyeon’s leg seems to have been photoshopped out.

Member Hyoyeon also previously had half of her face cut off on the album jacket of SNSD’s 2nd full length album Oh!

On the outside of the album jacket, the CD is held in place by small slits, but unfortunately, when the CD is inserted, it cuts off the top half of Hyoyeon’s face!

Netizens who saw that photo remarked, “Photoshopped in a hurry“, “Her leg is missing“, “Sunny’s legs look weird too“, “Why does this only happen to Hyoyeon?”, and more.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate, allkpop

By officialbryan13334

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